Guidelines & information

In order to meet the variety of needs in our congregation and the guidelines we will be offering 2 service types and times!

9 am Drive in Worship: This service will be open for all who desire to attend. We recognize some are not yet ready to move back indoors just yet. There will not be a limit on the number of participants for this service. This service will continue to operate as it has over the last several weeks. We do ask that at the conclusion of the service you keep socialization to a minimum. This will help us clear the parking lot to make room for our 10:30 worshippers to park.

10:30 am Indoor Worship: This service will have some changes to how we met prior to COVID-19. Disinfection is a top priority at this time. We have taken the time to disinfect the pews, door handles, bathrooms, etc. in preparation of your attending. Face coverings are required. 

  • Everyone will enter the sanctuary from the main doors in the center aisle. Everyone will leave through the alcove doors. All doors will remain open to eliminate touch points. Hand sanitizer will be available at the doors as you enter and exit.
  • Seating will begin at 10:15 am and there will be temp checks. Anyone not feeling well or who shows a fever of 100.4 will not be permitted for that week’s service. If you have had a fever or have been experiencing coughing, sneezing, runny nose, recent loss of taste/smell, or difficulty breathing within the past week PLEASE do not attend.
  • As you arrive, we will have ushers available to seat your family. This helps us adhere to social distancing guidance. There will be empty space in between pews and people. Please do not get up and greet one another in the sanctuary once you are seated. 
  • Tithes will be collected by dropping them into lockboxes located at the doors as you enter/exit. You can also give online at:, or by mail to: P O Box 1404, Morganton NC 28680.
  • Only the front restrooms will be available.

We will continue to offer our service live-streamed on Facebook if you prefer to connect with us this way. We know there is not one right option for everyone. We are working to offer something that will meet each person in a way that is best for them. As we evaluate how this plan is working we will make adjustments. We welcome positive and helpful feedback.