Worship & Creative Arts

During the COVID-19 Quarantine Time, our Worship Ministry activities look a little different...

The Worship Choir now meets via Zoom on Wednesdays in 2 meetings at 6 & 7pm respectively. And the Worship Band meets on Thursdays at 7 to rehearse.

Do you sing? Play an Instrument? Dance? Act? Are you Creative? Do you have a heart for service and worship? If so, come and join us! we have many opportunities for you to serve in our Worship and Creative Arts Ministry! 

  • Worship Choir - Wed. 6:30-8pm (Depending on Season), No Audition Necessary
  • Praise Team - Must Sing In Choir

  • Worship Band - Thurs. 7:30-8:30pm, Brief Audition
  • Seasonal Orchestra - Christmas & Easter (7th Grade Playing Level)
  • Drama Team
  • Communion Team
  • Creativity Team
  • Worship Ministry Council